Develop AI sensing applications and deploy them everywhere, from the field to the far edge to the cloud.


Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation presents AITRIOS™ - an edge AI sensing platform that revolutionizes the way we use IoT devices. IoT has the power to change society for the better by connecting information from different types of physical devices in networks. With AITRIOS, you can overcome the six biggest challenges of cloud-based IoT systems.

With AITRIOS you can:

  1. Handle large volumes of data with ease.
  2. Ensure enhanced privacy protection for your data.
  3. Reduce latency in data transmission, processing, and analysis.
  4. Conserve energy with efficient power consumption.
  5. Maintain service continuity.
  6. Keep your data secure.

“AITRIOS” combines the power of AI into real Solutions that deliver Social Value and Sustainability.

SSS is on a mission to create a more connected, efficient, and sustainable world through the combined power of edge AI sensing and cloud technology. AITRIOS paves the way for optimized systems that seamlessly blend the edge and the cloud, making it easier than ever to develop eco-friendly sensing solutions to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing your industry.


Real-world use cases

Talking to 7-Eleven about their in-store advertising business and how AITRIOS contribute to it.


July 17, 2024

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