AITRIOS™ team wraps up NRF: Retail’s Big Show 2024

February 28th, 2024

Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation

AITRIOS display at NRF 24

With the New Year came an event nearly five months in the making for the AITRIOS team. From January 14th, the team set off to The Big Apple, NYC, to attend an equally big event — the National Retail Federation’s annual “Retail’s Big Show,” boasting over 35,000 attendees annually.

A year prior at NRF AITRIOS was unveiled to the world, and in the time since, the team set a goal of having tangible customers’ and partners’ examples and use cases in place by the time we would return in 2024.

For this event we were proud to share examples from a successful year with AITRIOS, including two interactive demos based on real-life use cases: one with Japanese convenience store retailer, Lawson, and one with FRIOCONNECT, a U.S.-based micro warehouser co-supported with system integrator Avalton.

AITRIOS platform display at NRF 24

NRF attendees were able to take products and backstock inventory off the shelves in Sony’s booth and see how AITRIOS-enabled cameras with IMX500 sensors were able to identify and update information in real time to employee and manager’s devices (displayed on center screens).

AITRIOS vision AI display at NRF 24

The AITRIOS team also partnered with Microsoft and Avanade to create a dynamic Generative AI demo for key customers and press. The demo highlighted AITRIOS capabilities paired up alongside Azure Open AI, with a UI/UX developed by Avanade and Sony. We showcased the potential for using Generative AI across a retail business and how it could benefit managers, employees, and customers in their own unique experiences.

As a Silver Sponsor in the event, we funded Store Tours of Hudson Yards and our leadership participated in two speaking events to drum up awareness and education about AITRIOS.

Jim Lenox spoke at a cocktail reception with Avanade on the topic of “Omnipresent AI and Omnichannel Experiences,” and in a one-on-one fireside conversation with Microsoft Corporate Vice President Nina Harding at Rethink Retail’s AI in Retail (AiR) Conference on the topic of “Vision AI as the ‘It’ Technology for Retail Transformation.”

AITRIOS discussion at NRF 24

From 2023 to 2024, the differences in strategy, approach, determination, and impact have been apparent and worthwhile.

As we continue to attend tradeshows, we hope to keep building recognition for the AITRIOS brand and use cases across key verticals like retail, logistics, manufacturing, and more.

Ensure you stay up to date with our website and social media accounts to learn what shows we’ll be attending over the coming months.

AITRIOS team at NRF 24

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