Sony’s AITRIOS™ Platform wins Fast Company’s ‘Next Big Thing in Tech’ 2023

December 18th, 2023

Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation

Sony’s AITRIOS™ team is proud to be awarded as a winner of Fast Company’s 2023 ‘Next Big Thing in Tech’ Awards, held annually to commemorate the most-innovative products of the year across a variety of categories.

Chosen as one of the winners for ‘AI and Data,’ Fast Company said about AITRIOS:

“Sony, long a major player in camera and sensor chips, has developed a platform called AITRIOS that helps companies deploy power-efficient sensor systems that feed visual data to AI models. For example, a retailer might deploy a network of Sony sensors near its inventory, then feed the resulting visual data to an AI model in the cloud for analysis. Much of the computer vision processing is done locally on the sensor chip, which lightens the load of data sent to the model in the cloud. In 2023, Sony focused on bringing the technology to the logistics and smart city industries.”

We are eager to continue to make vision AI more accessible, and continue to support innovative, next-wave solutions for the industries of today and tomorrow, across retail, logistics, smart city, factory, and beyond.

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