One-stop platform products and services to easily build sensing solutions

Overview of AITRIOS

AITRIOS is a one-stop platform enabling easy building of sensing solutions spanning edge and cloud. This means our partners can efficiently develop and implement high performance applications and solutions that meet their specific needs.

The diagram outlines Aitrios services. Developers are able to implement, retrain and validate app/AI models via available development/build environment (bitbucket, GitHub, etc) and deploy (apps) on verified devices. All developed apps can be registered through the available portal

Edge AI sensing devices

We provide an extensive lineup of devices to fit different use cases.

Made by Sony – Compact Wireless LAN model

(equipped with IMX500)

Made by Partner – Compact PoE power supply model

(equipped with IMX500)


Portal is a web application for entry point to AITRIOS service provision. Manage user registration, project applications, project member registration and role settings, and marketplace app purchases and billing details.

The screenshot of the Aitrios portal - main menu
1. User registration and project member registration

After obtaining a user ID, you can apply to start a new project or you can receive an invitation from an existing project and start using the service.

2. Project management

Invite members to your project and set their roles, and purchase apps in the marketplace once a project has been opened.

3. Marketplace

Purchase AITRIOS services and applications, including AI models, in the marketplace.

4. App reseller service

Register as a developer to sell applications and AI models in the marketplace.

Screenshot of the Aitrios console


Use various functions to efficiently build solutions spanning edge and cloud.

1. Device provisioning

Generate QR codes for cloud connections in Console, and then connect a camera to the cloud easily by scanning the code.


Deploy sensing applications and AI models, purchased in the marketplace or developed in-house, to your edge devices.

3. Model Retrainer

Carry out data preparation, retraining, and iteration management for AI models according to changes in the operating environment and conditions.

4. Device control

Operate and control edge devices. Adjust image quality, start and stop data uploads, reboot or factory reset devices, monitor, and so on.

5. Insight, Monitoring

Collect data, for example, inferences, and images, from edge devices and provide them to secondary systems.

6. AI model management

Develop, import, store and manage AI models.

AITRIOS also offers plans suitable for use in application development and demonstration experiments, so please see the developer site for details.

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