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Service overview

We're on a mission to accelerate the adoption and growth of edge AI-powered sensing solutions across industries, partnering with businesses to create innovative solutions that deliver value and tackle real-world challenges.

Overview of Edge AI sensing

AITRIOS™ is a one-stop platform for creating sensing solutions that seamlessly combine edge and cloud. This means you can efficiently develop and implement high performance applications and solutions that meet your own specific needs.


Take advantage of the characteristics of sensing devices to develop compact, easy-to-use, low-power systems and solutions. Use edge-side AI processing to extract only metadata or to send only masked images, and protect people's privacy. Combine small and smart edge AI devices with powerful cloud management solutions to build systems solving the most common challenges in AI sensing systems:

Reduced data volumes

Minimize the volumes of transmitted data by processing on the edge.

Privacy considerations

Build a privacy conscious system by utilizing edge side analysis of data and images and sending only the metadata output to the cloud.

Latency improvements

Reduce data transfer with edge side analysis and processing of data and images to prevent communication delays by eliminating round-trips of data to and from the server.

Reduced power consumption

Minimizing the amount of network data contributes to a reduction of communication costs and power consumption.

Service continuity

Edge-side processing ensures service continuity even if the cloud connection is interrupted.

Enhanced security

Build a security-conscious system by utilizing edge-side analysis of data and images and sending only the necessary information to the cloud.

Our products and services

Focus on your own core strengths and use powerful AITRIOS tools to accelerate the development cycle for new use cases and reduce the costs of the processes and operations leading up to solution provision. Lower costs, greater efficiency, and higher value added.

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Products and Services


Edge AI sensing technology is already used in a variety of situations.

Shelf monitoring
People count
Car license plate scanning

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