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A one-stop platform with products and services that enable easy building of sensing solutions

Tools and services included with AITRIOS™

When you purchase Console, the core service that connects AITRIOS-verified devices, you can use the following services right away.

Development tools used to create solutions

Edge device development environment

Develop new edge devices with SDKs, tools, and reference designs.

AI model and application development environment

Develop small AI models that operate on edge devices and sensing applications that utilize AI.

Cloud application development environment

Link your apps to edge-side sensing apps and cloud-side tools optimized to work together for peak performance.

Tools for managing devices and data, and improving the accuracy of AI models

Device provisioning

Generate QR codes in Console for connecting devices to the cloud, and then easily connect a device by scanning the code.


Deploy sensing applications and AI models, purchased in the marketplace or developed in-house, to your edge devices.

Model retraining

Customize AI models for your devices with data preparation, retraining, and iteration management in response to changes in the operating environment and conditions.

Device control

Operate and control edge devices. Adjust image quality, start and stop data uploads, reboot or factory reset devices, monitor, and so on.s

Insights and monitoring

Collect data, for example, inferences and images, from edge devices and provide them to downstream systems.

AI model management

Develop, import, store, and manage AI models.


Find out about the plans, fees, and charges below:

Console Developer Edition


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Pricing method and remarks


Connected Edge Device

Price (excl. tax)


Pricing method and remarks

Device connectivity charge for next month based on the number of devices connected this month



Price (excl. tax)


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Price (excl. tax)


Pricing method and remarks


Retraining (Custom Vision)

Price (excl. tax)


Pricing method and remarks

Pay-as-you-go billing based on GPU usage time (for current month)



Price (excl. tax)



Pricing method and remarks

Pay-as-you-go billing based on Storge usage (for current month)



Price (excl. tax)



Pricing method and remarks

Pay-as-you-go billing based on Storge usage (for current month)

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A gateway to AITRIOS services

Portal is your control center for AITRIOS projects. Set up and manage multiple projects. Buy apps in Marketplace. Add users and assign them project roles. Overview your billing details. A convenient web app to handle all of your project needs.

1. Register users and administer project members

Register or manage user accounts, and create new projects or invite users to existing projects.

2. Manage projects

Open projects, purchase apps in the Marketplace, and invite members to join your project and then set their roles.

3. Marketplace

Purchase AITRIOS services and applications, including AI models, in Marketplace.

4. App reseller platform

Register as a developer to sell your applications and AI models in Marketplace.

Hardware highlights

IMX500 from Sony is the world's first Intelligent Vision Sensor - equipped with edge AI processing functionality*.

Deploy, evaluate, and iterate any type of neural network. AI inference at the edge means image data does not need to be uploaded for processing, meaning your solutions benefit from lower latency and need less bandwidth and less power than traditional vision system solutions.
Protect your customer's personal privacy, and manage compliance with privacy regulations, by outputting the processed image metadata only. The image data never leaves the chip, if you don't want it to.

* Among image sensors. According to Sony research (at product announcement on May 14, 2020).

IMX500 stacked structure, with an approx. 12,3 megapixel chip combined with a 8MB logic chip.

Introduction of AITRIOS verified hardware that implements IMX500

Level up your setup today with IMX500-powered hardware! With wired and wireless LAN models to choose from, you can find the perfect fit for your environment and use case. And our hardware lineup is constantly growing and evolving!

*AITRIOS and AITRIOS logos are the registered trademarks or trademarks of Sony Group Corporation or its affiliated companies.