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Case Study:

Analyzing Signage Viewers at Village Vanguard

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Company information


October 1988 (Founded in November 1986)

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Sales of books, general merchandise, and new media (CDs, DVDs, etc.) in an integrated manner under the keyword of "A bookstore where you can play.”

Village Vanguard store front.

Interview with Mr. Shuta Yato, Manager, Sales Planning Office,

Village Vanguard Corporation

Sony: What was the reason Village Vanguard began using digital signage in stores?

Yato: We started using digital signage in our stores to help customers of all ages learn more about Village Vanguard. The digital signage provides information on events at Village Vanguard stores, product introductions, special offers to customers, and other useful and enjoyable content.

Inside the Village Vanguard store.

Installation at the main store in Shibuya.

Sony: What is one of the most important elements of digital signage that you were hoping to improve with AITRIOS™?

Yato: For us to create content our customers will watch and enjoy, it's important to know what kinds of content interest them most.
However, even with the signage in place, it was unclear if the content was being watched. Therefore, we needed more data on the viewership metrics of the signage.

Sony: What led you to choose AITRIOS to help you make these improvements in your digital signage approach?

Yato: Among the current signage viewership offerings available today, there are three points that led us to Sony's solution on AITRIOS™.

The first was the size of the camera.
Sony’s AITRIOS-enabled cameras are extremely small, so they’re less noticeable to customers on the sales floor and do not disrupt visibility of the sales floor for shoppers or employees.

The second reason was Sony’s advanced privacy measures.
Customers are more privacy-conscious than ever, as are we. Sony AITRIOS converts images to metadata at the camera, so there is no capturing of any information that can be used to identify the customer. This means we can obtain signage viewership ratings while respecting customer privacy.

Finally, we now have the information available to know if people are watching the signage content.
With the Sony AITRIOS solution, we can now understand how long their figure stands in front of the screen, increasing the credibility and verifying whether the viewers watched, which allows us to learn which content our customers like best.

Sony: Now that you’re starting to integrate AITRIOS more widely, what does this mean next for Village Vanguard?

Mr. Shuta Yato, Manager, Sales Planning Office

Village Vanguard Corporation Co., Ltd. Sales Planning Office Manager, Shuta Yato

Yato: With the introduction of Sony AITRIOS to our business, we can conduct a variety of analyses, even beyond understanding our viewer content ratings.
Now, based on the verification of these results with AITRIOS we can begin improving our content development for the greater enjoyment of our customers who shop in store.

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